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Could you be a Subject Guide?

A Subject Guide is an enthusiastic specialist within their area of expertise. They enjoy teaching and helping people learn. They are the passionate respected teacher that other people turn to for advice.

A Subject Guide will have an engaging writing style and an infectious enthusiasm for a particular subject.

A Subject Guide will maintain and develop a subject area e.g. GCSE Biology. Content is free to view online for all, but we will be charging an annual license fee for schools wishing to access the original files e.g. PowerPoint’s, Word documents.

What are we looking for?
In simple terms we want to provide the best online resources for pupils and teachers.

Each subject area will contain:

  • Original revision content;
  • Past exam paper questions and short quizzes;
  • A knowledge bank of information for teachers;
  • A directory of the best information available for any particular subject, whether it be your own work or links to other sites;
  • A discussion forum where you serve as community leader.

All guides are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to log on from anywhere in the world whenever they have the time.

Subject Guides will be provided with the opportunity to earn uncapped revenues based on their performance and the quality of their subject areas.

They will not necessarily be a ‘techie’, but will be familiar with the way the internet works. Understanding the subtleties of search engines and HTML would be an advantage.

If you are enthused by the prospect of taking teaching and learning to another level perhaps you have what it takes to be a RevisionWorld Subject Guide. Check our list of available topics below and see if one matches your expertise and interest.