Edexcel Government and Politics
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Unit 1 People and Politics
Unit 2 Governing the UK
Unit 3 Key Themes in Political Analysis
Students must study one of the following areas
  • Topic A: UK Political Issues
    • Economic Policy
    • Social Welfare, Health and Education
    • Law, Order and Criminal Justice
    • Environmental Policy
  • Topic B: Introducing Political Ideologies
  • Topic C: Representative Processes in the USA
    • Elections and Voting
    • Politicial Parties
    • Pressure Groups
    • Racial and Ethical Policies
  • Topic D: Structures of Global Politics
    • Approaches to Global Politics
    • World Order
    • Global Governance
    • European Union and Regionalism
Unit 4 Extended Themes in Political Analysis
This unit extends students’ understanding of key themes in political analysis. 
Students will need to study one of the following topics:
  • Topic A: EU Political Issues
    • Impact of the EU on the UK
    • European Integration
    • EU Institutions and Their Relationships
    • Domestic Policy Issues
  • Topic B: Other Ideological Traditions
  • Topic C: Governing the USA
    • The Constitutuion
    • Congress
    • Presidency
    • Supreme Court
  • Topic D: Global Political Issues
    • Conflict War and Terrorism
    • Poverty and Development
    • Environmental Issues
    • Human Rights
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