OCR Government & Politics H095/H495
Quick revise

This section provides link to revision material for the OCR Government and Politics H095, H494 exam. To visit the OCR website click here

Unit F851: Contemporary Politics of the UK
Unit F852: Contemporary Government of the UK
Unit F853: Contemporary US Government and Politics
  • Elections, presidential and congressional
  • Political parties
  • Pressure groups
  • The Constitution
  • Congress
  • The Presidency
  • The Supreme Court
  • Civil rights and liberties
Unit F854: Political Ideas and Concepts
Unit F855: US Government and Politics
  • Elections
  • Political parties and pressure groups
  • Civil rights and liberties
  • Constitutions
  • Legislatures
  • Executives
  • Judiciaries
Unit F856 Political Ideas and Concepts in Practice
  • Democracy in practice
  • The state, nation, sovereignty and globalisation in practice
  • Power, authority and legitimacy in practice
  • Rights, liberty and equality in practice
  • Law, order, obligation and justice in practice
  • Contemporary conservatism and nationalism
  • Contemporary liberalism and socialism
  • The impact of alternative ideologies
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