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Study Skills
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Study Skills

Hi, I have some problems coping with my studies.. What are the study skills and techniques you would use to study?

How long do you study?

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For my exams I normally revise at least 2 hours a day, but it varies. Some days I can revise up to 4 hours (in half terms) to catch up with topics that I feel weak on, but in general I would revise around 2 hours per night.

I find that looking at the page and reading it out loud (without looking at the paper) is a good and effective method of revision. It's really helped me, although it's good to experiment with different revision techniques.

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As said above...

...I too find it good to read aloud.
i do it in stupid voices or to a tune...
It soudns stupid but it really does help me.
And it sticks in your head.
Just make sure there aren't any members of family in the room at the time and go wild! lol

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Hmm i think you have to be in a quiet room with no distractions

but im actually crap at revising

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i find it disturbing 2 revise when dey r distractions .jst revise in a quiet place

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quiet plasces are good for revision its true but dont revise for long periods at a time...it wont stick and you will get bored! good luck!

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quiet places!

i go to the park
early morning wen itz tooooooo quiet
and i focus on my studies
while leaning on tree
lying on grass
i dont realy care about my clothes
they get washed!

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One thing...focus focus focus. get everything else out of your mind and just concentrate on your topic. say to yourslef Aloud that will complete you tast and from there on you feel you can do better and better and better. no distractions just work.

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gd songs also help but just dont start singing lol

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nice short easy bursts of info at least 45 mins at least 15 min breaks and keep yourself hydrated :D

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Some people claim that music helps them to work. If it is good for YOU, fine. Be honest though, if the music is any kind of disturbance to your thinking, turn it off and save it for part of your break / refreshment or as a treat to look forward to.

For many students, it is too easy to be diverted away from what is a difficult task. If you need to focus more, try to think of how good you will feel when it is done....think of what you are aiming for....(career, uni place etc)...to convince yourself that there is a better reason for revising than just because you have to.

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study skills

i study for no one then half hour or my brain will stop working and it wont be able to keep everything in ma head for when it comes to the exam

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I don't think its about the quantity of revision one does, its ALL ABOUT THE QUALITY:D

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Agreed! quality...smart ass not!:fight:

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study in sections, as little as 30 minute bursts can be effective.

i also find it helps to try and bring some of what im studying into conversation (just random stuff).
i am studying psychology, and making fun of some of the stranger sounding words works for me in helping to remember - how to pronounce them, and what they are/do.

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that depend on the type of person you are.you need to find a better time that you can study and assimulate things &create that time.though it is difficult bcos it also happened to me but i found out that i could study &assimulate at midnight when my brothers are sleeping and there is no one to disturb or call me to go anywhere.

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Quasimoto wrote:
One thing...focus focus focus. get everything else out of your mind and just concentrate on your topic. say to yourslef Aloud that will complete you tast and from there on you feel you can do better and better and better. no distractions just work.

Yeah. This is really important. A lot of people will come up with a wicked idea for something completely unrelated. You just need to keep a piece of paper next to you to write them down.
Loving the teddy bear idea. I'm definately going to buy one :D

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I find that writing down the information that I need 2 remember and highlighting key words/phrases is quite useful!!

Also, turning lists of information into witty little poems but it's important that YOU make them up and make it memorable 4 u, that way u r more likely to remember it!!

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More ideas

Some people get on best with a kind of Mind Map diagram that allows them to make memorable little pictures to remind them of key facts, and use colours to link related topics or bullet points.

You could also try making key bullet points from your notes, and then expanding these out into sentence notes again from memory.

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Here are some good teenage help:

Schedule a time to study each day for several days before the exam. Do not wait until the last minute to cram for the exam.

Make daily check list: prepare a daily to do list for your studies, so you will be able to complete more tasks this way.

Read aloud

Take notes – underline or highlight the topic or main idea of each paragraph

Set a reading goal - determine how much to read before you start.

Avoid stress and get enough sleep.