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revision help

i need to revise but i am too easily destracted.

also what are good ways to revise.i am kisastethic learner.

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Revision tips

1) Make notes.

2) Do lots of past papers.

3) Work hard.

4) Work in short hour bursts then have a 20-30 minute break.

5) After a long day and you feel fatigue setting in, mix up the ways you learn by using study aids. Ask a friend/family member to test you or perhaps use a revision website like O2 Learn (https://www.o2learn.co.uk/) just to keep up your revision concenration levels. All the videos on that site are made by teachers for short revision tips so it a good reliable source.

6. Stay calm and get a decent nights sleep - stop revising around 2 hours before you go to sleep to let your mind unwind - otherwise you might be up all night thinking!

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Good points made by Alex -

Good points made by Alex - also try our revision tips section here http://revisionworld.com/a2-level-level-revision/exam-tips-and-advice