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English language

I’m really struggling with being able to annotate the articles we are given in English lanaguge. I can never find  all the terminology I should and therefore can’t get a higher grade. If someone could post an annotated article or any newspaper articles annotated and grasped I would really appreciate it. 

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english language annotations


I had the exact same problem in my end of year 10 mocks, I'd be able to write something or pick it out if someone told me, but would never be able to do it myself. So I done serveral things over the summer holidays to do better which might work for you:

One of the first things I done was basically google the first few weeks of my holiday away by looking for examples, in the end I looked at a lot of step-by-step videos on youtube. I also found my revision guides (CGP for my exam board AQA) useful as they showed me example answer with annotations around the text aswell. You could also use this link:


which I found useful

The other thing that I found useful was looking at texts, books, newspaper articles etc. that interested me and annotated them, it is difficult to start with but if you ask your teacher to go over it after then it will become really useful (I think this is what helped me the most)

Other than that I think pratice is the key, whether its going over defintions (i.e. what is a simile?) or actually annotating something it has to be something that you'll actually find useful.

Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS!!!!!!!


p.s are you doing your final exams this year????? 


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English Language

I am struggling with p4 and I have no idea how to attempt it. I mean I have read different materials on English as a Global Language but I have no clue how to attempt questions. It would be really great if anyone could help me out.