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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chemistry is so hard especially when you do triple. I'm doing AQA tripe sciene (which means I do two 1hr 45min paper per science) and was wondering if anyone has any good ways/tips for remembering things and not getting them mixed up!!


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Remembering Chemistry! :)

Hi there, 

I understand what youre going through, so hang in there! I'm approaching my GCSEs this year also, and these are some of my tips on remembering things (in general):

  • Mnemonics! e.g. IPMAT for remembering the stages of mitosis for example. Making your own is fun and ensures you remember steps/ the order of something!
  • Flashcards- I tend to make these closer to the individual exam. After taking notes in all my classes, typing them up, filling out worksheets etc, I find that condensing all of these onto small cards a week or so before an exam allows you to recall information quicker and efficiently without having to search through tons of notes or re-search. I especially recommend this for remembering chemistry diagrams, equations and physics formulae!
  • Posters- I'm a visual learner, so it tends to help me when I make posters on topics I struggle with and hang them up on my bedroom walls etc. This way, they're easy to see and available when I want to recall information.
  • Pair/Group Revision-There's always going to be something you understand but your friends do not, and vice versa, so working together or pop quizzes and past papers helps you understand things better yourself with explaining to someone, or having a friend teach you something in a way that helps you :)
  • Tuition- this one isn't always available for everyone, but if your parents are willing to pay, then finding a Chemistry tutor might be your best bet. This will give you the extra support you might need outside of class so that you arent struggling with something too much. 


Hope some of these help! Good luck for your Exams, you will be okay :)

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Everything above is very helpful and I do all of those myself, however my favourite way to learn things (as I am also a visual learner) is to make mindmaps!

I personally find it time consuming and tedious making mindmaps by hand so I like to use a laptop app (for macs) called SimpleMind. There is a paid version but I use the free version (SimpleMind Lite) and I really love it! You can change the colours and the styles and make as many mind maps as you want.

I reccomend using it with brief notes because if you write long paragraphs then it's probably not helping you learn. My advice is to make them colourful, clear and organised.

I hope this is ok and good luck in remembering your Chemistry!!