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What tips that you could give to earn more marks in A/AS level tests in economics and accounting?

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revise hard lol

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make sure you have a good nights sleep before the exam and feel confident. Also remember you can only do your best and keep repeating it in your head, this will help you relax.

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I think first of all, you need loads of revision so that you can answer well.

In terms of answering the questions, it is better that you choose a few points, eg 2-4 points and elaborate them in details. Your presentation is also very important so that it attracts the examiner and help you express your ideas/knowledge clearly. You need an introduction, body and conclusion.

It questions like evaluate, discuss, etc., you need to be very analytical; analysing both pro's and con's and weigh them in your conclusion, by either stating your reasonable judgment or stating the dependency of the situation (where mostly occur in business questions).

Oh, one more thing, you should use the specific terms more in that particular subject to show that you do know what it's all about. If you use a layman term, it doesn't differentiate you as a student of Economics, for example than a normal cashier by the counter. What I mean by terms is instead of saying 'The company is producing more and the cost reduces gradually', you should say 'The company is experiencing economies of scale'. Things like that, I hope you get the idea. The former can be used for further explanation on that point.

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basically revise loads and make sure you do lots of past papers they are realli gd

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learn basic terms as these can be easy 2 or 3 markers n if u cnt remember gve an example as u cn still receive marks for tht, also dont make loads of points choose 1 or 2 and focus on those and always apply it 2 the company as it is the only way to gain the high marks.