Technique and structure to ANSWER the question!?
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Technique and structure to ANSWER the question!?

I can't seem to get the 'answering' the  question part right as silly as that sounds. My teacher said, i know the stuff and manage to get the marks for Knowledge and application and the struggle to pick up the marks that will get be in the top bands! Analysis and Evalution, I simply CANT tackle this half of the questions in both small ( 6-8 markers) to big (10-20 marks) questions!    Anything will help me, any techniques or structures to help me achieve the marks which will atleast get be a B overall and hit the top band of successful and clear analysis/evalution.    Thanks, year 13 student. Resitting to get a better mark, last chance!                                                 

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1.define the key words in the question eg profitabilty is....

2.use the case study given to help answer the question

3. if there's any numbers involved, talk about those

4. evaluate means to discuss the advantages/pros and disadvantages/cons - so do at least 2 of each

5. write a conclusion based on your answer, eg. "therefore i believe that *company name* should expand their business..."

6. make sure that you leave yourself enough time to answer the big ones.

im a gcse student, and I got A* the exam!

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some help with the question

i personallly think that we should always make a note of all of our points we want to make for the question but obviously you wont write all the points because its just a 6-9 mark. my advise would be for a 8 to 9 mark question always pick out three points you feel that you are comfortable to explain and will remain in your comfort zone rather than tryng to explain points which are quite hard for you and make its impossible for you to go indepth. Note: always remember that the examner doesnt wants 3-4 pages of answers which doesnt make sense, he or she will always look for answwrs that are not too long and explains the point from inside out which also shows your understanding.

let me give you an example:

if there is a scenario which asks you what actions should the comany ...........

Stucture it as.

  • this comany should take the folloe=wing action for these reasons:
  • Firstly, explain your point and its advantages. but also write disadvantages about it by saying however.(this will show the examiner that you are thinking outside the box and also have clear understnding of the actions taken by the business.
  • Secondly, explain your another point and its advantages. however, now explain the disadvantges as well.
  • Thirdly, explain another point and its advantages and disadvantges.
  • Lastly as your conclusion write which point do you think the business needs to follow and why.


Hope i answered your question. im just a gcse student with a current grade of A* and would really appreciate if you let me know if i helped and even could help me back to improve my answer if you have better knowledge. cheers and gud luck.