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Fashion Journalist

I would love to be a fashion journalist, but im not the best at english, I'm predicted a B but im not sure if i'll get it! I'm not sure what to do :/

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hi, I used to be in the same situation as you but the best thing to get your english grades up is read. Read lots and lots and trust me it will help. Start off with smaller books of about 200 pages and gradually move yourself up into thicker books. Whenever you find a word you might not know, look it up in the dictionary or ask your parents. Anoter good thing to do is take a note of any good adjectives or phrases that you might like to use.

Books I recomends are...

1) Twilight Saga - Lots of good phrases in there to use

2) Fallen series - A collection of 4 books, this will help your history and RE as well as your english

3) The Faul in Our Stars - The book everyone talks about but the language used is very goodsmiley