Textiles And Theatre
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Textiles And Theatre

I want to go into a career in Fashion so fashion photography, scouting, design, Costume making or go into Prosthetics,makeup and hair/wigs for theatre/film/Tv/Music. Or even go into a photography based thing around these.

I currently take Textiles as a GCSE and I hope to go on and do more qualifications with it, I also do music, drama, history, sport, german, english, maths, chemistry, biology and physics. I hope to go to college and take textiles, photography and drama and possible hair and makeup and then go on to university to continue this.

I already have a bronze arts award for music, film (I did the makeup and hair) and drama. I will soon be taking my siliver arts award for art, drama, set design, fashion and prosthetics.

If anyone knows of anything else I could do then please tell me.