HELP! AS/A2 Chemistry calulations and formulas!!
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HELP! AS/A2 Chemistry calulations and formulas!!

I've never been a whizz at maths, but that's not very helpful in chemistry, especially since i don't take maths anymore - unlike my classmates! Learning and remembering all the formulas and calculations is so confusing - mainly because my teacher only recaps topics as if we've already done them, rather than teach it thoroughly, which'd be great for a slow-poke like me!! I have asked her for help - but that's clearly gone nowhere, and none of my class mates have the time for group studies!!! Personally, I just end up on Youtube and watch BOZEMANBIOLOGY, and he's an amazing teacher, but i can only take in so much information because i need background knowledge too!

Does anyone know any good sites or videos that could help me, or even a way you remember chem. topics - some revision suggestions would be great too!! Thank you~! :3

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