New start in September
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New start in September

Just like 1st January in "real life", the start of the new academic year is a good chance to make some new resolutions. You have got to make your own and you need to make them realistic! A few suggestions might be that you promise never to leave a lesson without clearing up any confusion or that you will spend at least one hour each week looking back through your notes to chack that everything is still fresh in your mind. There are all sorts of theories about how important it is to reinforce your learning but whether you are doing GCSE or A_level, a lot of information wll go into your heads each day. The important thing is to try to stop it escaping just as quickly. Some people reckon that 10 000 hours of hard practice is what is needed to become a world class expert at anything. One hour per week only makes 50 hours per year so it leaves world class a long way off but at least it is a start (but we are probably not expecting a Nobel prize by the end of A-level!).

Remember that any questions you put into the Revisionworld study help page will get an answer. You never know, sometimes just trying to put a quetion together can help you to answer it.