Technology homework help (involves science) PLEASE HELP
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Technology homework help (involves science) PLEASE HELP

1) Where does metal come from?

2) In what form is metal when it is found?

3) What other elements are combined with metal in its natural form?

4) Name the two basic metal types

5) Name the differences between the two types

6) Name the two ways that metal can be removed from the ore

7) What is a blast furnace used for?

8) What two other elements are put into a blast furnace to separate the iron?

9) What is the temperature of the melting zone?

10) What is a casting?

11) Metal is a good conductor of what two things?

12) Name two ferrous metals

13) Name two non-ferrous metals

14) What is aluminium used a lot in D&T projects?

15) Which metal is used to make electrical wires?

16) Which is the most common ferrous metal?