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magazine article

 I wonder if you can help me by checking my writing and tell me my score, please.  Thank you.

Q) Some students think that they should not have homework, but others believe that it’s important.

Here are two comments about this idea:

The school day is already long enough

Homework helps us get better results

Write an article for your school magazine, giving your views.


H.W- Heavy Work!

Have you ever gave it a thought whether it s worth it to spend time doing homework or no? Nowadays, many of the students argue about having homework, but as far as I am concerned, homework is integral for any lesson. Here is why:

To start with, homework is vital to review what we had studied during classes because repition aids transferring information to our long term memory. Moreover, it is a good way to assess our progress and attention during classes.

Most importantly, they help in overcoming procrastination till last moment before the exams. This result in a plethora of time for revision; that will boost confidence and concentration. Not only that, but they help us to spot gaps in our understanding while having time to fix and clarify them.

In a nutshell, although homework lessens our leisure time to practice our hobbies, despite that I am strongly in favour of doing homework because it is all about time management and establishing a routine.

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you only provided one side of

you only provided one side of the argument u haven't counter the other side of argument that why sould homework shouldn't be given .for example although schools days are long enough but still its necessary to practice what we have learned in order to retain it