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I have an essay question I am helping someone with - 'Stalin became leader due to his leadership skills and tactics. Agree?

Can anyone help me with some strengths and weaknesses of Stalin in the way that he led the party.  Also some examples of tactical moves.

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in school we have been doing about the cold war..... i understand about why the alliance between USA and USSR broke etc... but i do not understand why America dropped the atom bomb on Japan... i get that they were communist, but still.

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Basically American dropped

Basically American dropped the bomb on Japan because firstly Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on December 1941, without any warning or indication. And thus, Japan and America entered into a period of war. America dropped the bomb - because during the war it was looking like the Japanes would never surrender or give up despite the large amount of casualties, and there were mass amounts of deaths happening on both sides. So in order to stop the lengtivity of the war America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hope this helps.

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