How to revise???
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How to revise???

Hi all, i am in Year 11 and i will have my maths exam soon. I am really bad at maths, do you have any suggestions on how to revise it?

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Just practice and do past papers.

Do past papers like alot and practise by going through the topic list. When your doing the past papers if you get somethign wring find out how and why you got it wrong with the mark scheme. Good luckyes


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I have a math exam next tuesday and I don't understand surds. Can someone help me?

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I know this is late...

The best way to prepare for Math exam is to start early. Figure out what you find simple and what you find tough. Focus more on chapters that are tough by solving simple questions and then gradually progressing to complex questions. Once you have solved enough sample questions, move on to next chapter in the syllabus. On days before the exam, just solve question papers of previous years and access how you performed. Understand where you are going wrong and brush up those concepts again. 

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Maths Exam

Hi all I have a maths exam tomorrow and next tuesday..... Does anyone know any important things I will need to know please. Thank You.