Where's the math template?
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Where's the math template?


Have my .odt file open, which I had created by opening my MS Word + Mathtype file.
I do all my work in MS Word 2000 and Mathtype 6.2 (2007).
I am switching to Open Office only because MS Word files slow down tremendously as the size of my document grows.
So, all the math objects I had already created in MS Word and Design Science's Mathtype are already there.
But, I need to create new ones.
When I insert a new Formula object, I don't get a drop-down template with formulae. All OO does is insert a blank/empty object inline.
The ironic thing is, this is the 7th time I have downloaded, installed, run, given up on, and deleted OO from my harddrive.
I gave up on OO for other reasons. Now, I can't even get as far as those first 6 times.
The first 6 times, a drop-down template (like in Mathtype) DID come up. 
Why is it not doing it for me this 7th time.
I am using Windows XP Home Media Edition (from April 2004)
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.