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so for my gcse i have taken business studies as a subject, and i didnt take economics as a subject. but later on i found out i needed economics for what i want to study in university, i just wanted to ask is econmoics similar to business studies or maybe at least a little bit. and do you have any tips for me that can be useful when i am studying economics. I'm in AS1 now, i picked up economics and dropped business studies









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Economics Help

I'm doing GCSE Economics right now and from what I''ve seen is that Economics and Business have quite a few differences for example:

Economics focuses less on the internal functions of firms and more on how it wholly affect consumers both globally and locally 

Economics also focuses more on the money instead of how to generate the money like you would do in business 

Economics at a-level is very graph based so you'll need to learn about gini coeffecient and such 

A lot terms are needed and high level terminology 

My advice is to just go through the revision guide yourself and take a look at the OCR GCSE Economics Book in order to familiarise yourself with the macro and micro sides of economics as its founding knowledge for A-Level. 


I'm pretty good at Economics and have learned most of the A-level syballus already so I know what I'm talking about