religion and life
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religion and life

d question) "the law on euthanasia shoud be changed"

in your answer refer to christianity

1)do you agree? give reasons

2) why would some people dsagee with you?

please answer asap


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Religion and life

In christianity, you are not to have euthanasia because God has gave you a life and you need to live it until you get old and die. In my opinion euthanasia should not be change because you need to live your life to the full potential and everyone deserves to live and God has given you one. People might disagree with me because they will think that people who are paralysed from head to toe should do euthanasia because what is the point of them living anyways?Also some people might hate life so much and now there are people killing themselves because they might of been bullied, had cancer, was paralysed and many more.

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Religon and life

I know in your question it says refer back to Christianity, but in Islam you are not allowed to participate in Euthnasia as Euthnasia is a form of sucide and sucide is forbidden in Islam. Also it is also not permissible because Euthnasia is carried out when the patient is terminally ill so they are in pain but Muslims believe that Allah is testing us. In th quran it says "he shall not burden a soul more than it can bear" (nearest translation) 

Some people may disagree with me as they believe that yes god has given us this life but he has also given us free will, meaning that they have a right to partake in Euthnasia if they wished.