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Exam Time

Okay. SO I have an exam on monday. RS. For 1 and 3/4 hours. Great. Luckily I can use a computer for it....I have raynauds see, and writing for that long in so much detail is painful. Then I have a mock on tuesday, a performing arts performance on thursday and on wed, thurs or fri I have a french speaking controlled assessment. Eventful wekk. In addition, I help to teach dance to children age 3 to 12 on a tuesday, so that rules that night out. Then a week monday I have an english exam for 2 hours, the tuesday I have my physics exam, one hour and I am sure there is something else... Anyway. What I am getting round to, is that with all of this going on, I needed a place where I could go and revise online, so that all I would need is an internet connection while out and about. That was when I came across ExamTime. Ironic really. Anywho, it lets you create mindmaps with images and colour, look at other people's resources, make flashcards, quizes, the lot. It's great, it has helped me discover what I need to revise. I highly recommend this site. I am serious, for once. Okayy, this is my first post, so don't be too harsh  ;)

Eh, au revoir pour maintenant.....

Bye for now ;)

Crazybuttrue x