Stressed out!!
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Stressed out!!
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Stressed out!!

:fight: im so stressed out rite nw ppl..n just need sum advice...
in 2-3weeks :mad: ive got 9 exams cumin up for bio, chem , psy n math...
i knw my basics...but im not 100% ready nor confident in it...
ive tried all revisin techniques like makin notes, spider webs, recorded notes, sticky notes...exam papers....
nothing just seems 2 go in my head..
i doubt i can get everything done in time!!!:(help! :(

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It is easy to say, but firstly you need to calm down. Even if you know absolutely nothing at the moment, you can learn much better if you are calm. You say that you know the basics already so that is a good start.

Try doing questions from the exams (both without and then with the notes open) and then compar to the published mark schemes.

Write down the things you find difficult and then ceremoniously tick them off when they are sorted out. Either you can sort them out yourself or else get help from your teacher or post them in the relevant part of RevWorld.

I hope this helps.

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k, i no this is l8 cos we in middle of exams, bt jst wantd to say, DNT WORRY!!!
twil b ok an if u jst read notes, practise, watch informing films etc, it will stick in ur head. hopefully

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I hope this helps

I understand how you feel. I kinda feel the same way. I suggest that for maths you do past papers and if you think your not sure when answering any questions go back to the text book or look back at your notes1

I'm not sure about psy :huh: however for Biology and Chemistry. i suggest just do past papers again and make sure you look at how the exam board asks the quetions.

Finally, before your exam make sure you sleep and eat well. Also on the day use Cue/flash cards as silly as they sound they are really useful!

Good Luck and try not to panic:)

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it's mostly common to be afraid bcos of exam but let me just say the meaning of fear F-alse
you dont have to panic but be confidence of yourself and work on past papers.but the main thing is that you dont PANIC