Which university is offering professionals with course credits?
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Which university is offering professionals with course credits?

Hello everyone, I have heard that a few institutes are also offering course credits to the professionals based on thier prior job expereinces, if its true then its really a grreat initiative and i personlly like that idea. As there are lot of professionals like me who perform really well but at the time of promotions they are overlooked just because they dont have an appropirate degree in thier fields. I was not able to enroll in degree program as i started my career early to support my family because of irregular job timings and family responsibilities i wasnt able to enroll in it. so i think its really a great chance for individuals like me to get their degrees in short time.

It would be ideal if you let me know whether any of you thinks about great colleges that are putting forth course credits based on work expereinces? As it would truly help me in getting a speedy degree. I have likewise found out about Life Experience Degrees accredited that are given to professionals who have years of work expereince, idont know whther i qualify for that one or not? so if anyone knows about this please do let me know.