An Extra choice can help thousands of university and college applicants
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An Extra choice can help thousands of university and college applicants

Anyone looking to start university this autumn can use UCAS’s Extra service in their search for a place, if they’ve been unsuccessful with their application so far.

Beginning on Wednesday 25 February 2015 and running until early July, prospective degree students can look for courses with vacancies and secure an offer before Clearing opens in the summer.

Some 7,620 people are now studying at university thanks to using UCAS Extra last year.

Eligible applicants need to have already submitted a UCAS application and not hold any offers - either because they weren't accepted or chose to decline any offers they received.

All the courses with vacancies are listed on the UCAS search tool. Students need to research courses that interest them and then choose one to add to their application. Videos, FAQs and more information on Extra can be found at www.ucas.com/extra.

Students can make one choice at a time through Extra, but if they don’t get an offer the first time, they can try again. A toolkit for teachers to use in the classroom is available on the UCAS website.

Louise Evans, UCAS’s Head of Adviser Experience said: “Extra opens up another route on the application journey – one you might not have thought about yet. If you find yourself without anywhere to go, using Extra could get you a provisional place months before Clearing.

“Each year, thousands of courses have vacancies and you have the option of applying for similar subjects as before, or you can use Extra as a chance to go in a different direction.”

UCAS Extra is available free to anyone who has already paid the full application fee of £23.