How do you choose a major?
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How do you choose a major?
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How do you choose a major?

Hey everyone,
I'm currently a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - for those of you who know nothing about it, its in the middle of nowhere with no educational opportunities to speak of. I'm not a native, originally from Pakistan and there are a couple of universities I'm considering in Pakistan, but my parents wanna send me to Canada for my further education, and there are so many different universities with so many different majors in so many fields, that I've got myself confused!
Doing my O Levels, I was pretty sure I was going into medical. What with all the science subjects n all, however, this goal changed when I entered my A levels, although I still have the three sciences and Math, I'm not sure if I wanna go into medical!
'cause... when you're a doctor, you're never home and you kinda like don't have a life! From what I've seen with doctors around me, all they do is study more of their med stuff, go to work, come home and go to sleep! Sure they make a lotta money, but what's the point if you can't enjoy it? You guys got any different views on it?
Then there's engineering. I've a knack for Physics and Math, and wouldn't mind Engineering at all. Problem is... what sort of engineering? There are so many of them out there! There's one course I really liked at the University of Calgary, "Applied Engineering" - they teach you all the sorts of engineering there are in the first year, then you can pick one out.
Engineering and Medical are two EXTREMELY different fields and how am I to choose exactly what I wanna do?
Oh... there's also a Double Science Major I've been considering, since I topped my class in Biology "Microbiology and Immunology" - what I don't know is... once I get the degree, will I be a 'microbiologist'? Or an 'immunologist'? If not, how does one become one of those things?
There's also this major in Advertising which is sooo neat, but its mroe towards the art field and I don't have a portfolio to submit, d'you reckon I shouldn't think of it then, that I shouldn't start making a portfolio 'cause I'd only be doing it to get into the uni for the specific major? 'cause I don't already have any sketches to submit?
Also, which universities in Canada are really good... which ones should I be considering?
Any suggestions or comments are welcome.