Preparing for Exams

Try to develop a positive frame of mind about exams.

While they are intended to test memory, intellectual ability and your level of preparation, they also offer an opportunity to show what you can do!

It is vital that you have a strategy, as a carefully considered approach to exams will help you to perform well on the day.

You need to:

  • Practise using questions from lessons
  • Plan your revision e.g. use our revision timetable
  • Prepare notes so that you can learn from them
  • Regularly review your notes
  • Obtain past exam papers
  • Practise answering questions to time

In an ideal world, you will have started thinking about exams in the first week of term and will prepare for them during the whole academic year using some of the ideas outlined here and on other pages in the exam tips section of Revision World.

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