Tip 1 - Revision Timetable
Quick revise

Get together a revision timetable on the first day of study leave.

Just do it. Don’t argue. Don’t procrastinate. Just do the thing. And do it first. Do it on the first day, and once you’ve done it, agree it with your parents. There is a reason for this…

Try our revision timetable tool here

If you get your parents to agree to the schedule, you can write break/relaxation periods into it. You can explain to your parents that you need all day off on Saturday and Wednesday evenings too. They’ll be so chuffed that you’ve got a revision schedule together they’ll agree to anything. Another advantage is that when you are taking a timetabled relaxation/rest break and they go, “What do you think you’re doing watching the telly? Haven’t you got revision to do?” You can point at the timetabled break session on your revision timetable, raise your eyebrows and give them a smug smile. They will back down and you will have won.

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