How will you be tested

Assessment units

For AS Mathematics, you will be tested by three assessment units. For the full A Level in Mathematics, you will take a further three units. AS Mathematics forms 50% of the assessment weighting for the full A Level.

Each unit can normally be taken in either January or June. Alternatively, you can study the whole course before taking any of the unit tests. There is a lot of flexibility about when exams can be taken and the diagram below shows just some of the ways that the assessment units may be taken for AS and A Level Mathematics.

If you are disappointed with a module result, you can resit the module. There is no restriction on the number of times a module may be attempted. The best available result for each module will count towards the final grade.

Synoptic assessment

The GCE Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level Qualification specific Criteria state that A Level specifications must include synoptic assessment (representing at least 20% of the total A Level marks).

Synoptic assessment in mathematics addresses candidates’ understanding of the connections between different elements of the subject. It involves the explicit drawing together of knowledge, understanding and skills learned in different parts of the A Level course, through using and applying methods developed at earlier stages of the course to solving problems. Making and understanding connections in this way is intrinsic to learning mathematics.


Coursework may form part of your A Level Mathematics course, depending on which specification you study.

Key skills

It is important that you develop your key skills throughout your AS and A2 courses. These are important skills that you need whatever you do beyond AS and A Levels. To gain the key skills qualification, which is equivalent to an AS Level, you will need to collect evidence together in a 'portfolio' to show that you have attained Level 3 in Communication, Application of number and Information technology. You will also need to take a formal test in each key skill. You will have many opportunities during AS Mathematics to develop your key skills.

It is a worthwhile qualification, as it demonstrates your ability to put your ideas across to other people, collect data and use up-to-date technology in your work.

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