Preparing a revision programme

Prepare a programme that allows you to focus on the weak areas: do not spend time revising the work that you know well. It may make you feel good, but it is unproductive and will do nothing to help you to move forward. Spend time on your presentations for the oral examination and look for ways to improve them. Learn set phrases and expressions for the writing tasks: are you sure of letter format? • You need to be able to make use of previously learned language in another topic. e.g. In the topic on family you have to be able to use adjectives to describe members of your family. Mein Vater ist relativ gross. Er hat kurze, glatte Haare und braune Augen. Er trägt eine Brille und er hat einen Schnurrbart. In the topic on crime, you should be able to describe the criminal in the past tense. e.g. Der Rauber war relativ gross. Er hatte kurze, glatte Haare und blaue Augen. Er trug eine Brille und hatte eine Wollmütze an.

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