Unit 4 Controlled Assessment

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This unit is assessed by Controlled Assessment. It is worth 25% of the total marks for the award and consists of one practical investigation based on themes from the specification. Centres will be able to choose one task from three options (one for each unit of content), which AQA will change each year. Tasks will be published on the AQA website one year before the date of submission (for example, tasks published in 2011 may only be submitted for the 2012 examination). Guidance for teachers will be given with each investigation.
Each task assesses How Science Works skills, and the candidate’s ability to research an application of the science context. Methods and techniques used in the Controlled Assessment are not necessarily restricted to those mentioned in the specification.
Teachers are encouraged to undertake a wide range of practical and investigative work, including fieldwork, with their candidates. We share the view that it is not good practice to do practical work only for the Controlled Assessment. As teachers know well, candidates enjoy and are motivated by practical work. We have given many examples of practical work supporting the science content in Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3. Full details of this practical work are included in our resources package.