Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy is the altering the genotype of a tissue or organ

In early stages treatments hope to include:

  • GM white blood cells that produce proteins that kill cancer cells
  • targeting genes at cancer cells to kill them or revert them back to normal cells
  • white blood cells that would not reproduce if infected with HIV
  • germ-line modification (only present in animals) which is currently illegal
  • at present, only somatic cell therapy is legal which alters only specific cells in the body

Applications of Gene Technology

3 main applications to date: -

1.Gene Products:

Using genetically modified (GM) organisms (usually microbes) to produce chemicals for medical or industrial applications

geneproducts copy.jpg

2. New Phenotypes:

Using gene technology to alter the characteristics of organisms such as crops

These include:

  • Fast-growing sheep & fish
  • Crops resistant to insects, herbicides & viruses
  • Long life tomatoes & some fruit
  • Crop improvement & nitrogen-fixing crops
  • Cattle resistant to mastisis (> higher yield of milk)
  • Sheep resistant to ticks (> may not need sheep dip)

3. Gene Therapy:

using gene technology on humans to treat diseases

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