Human Growth

Human growth is spread throughout

Adult is taller, larger from front to back, has larger organs than a child

Growth: permanent increase in amount of organic matter

Produces new cells and increases size of existing cells

Somatotropin (growth hormone) stimulates cell division, protein synthesis / released by anterior lobe of pituitary gland

Monitored by standing height and body mass

Development: physical, emotional, mental, social changes throughout life

Absolute Growth: total growth or cumulative height of a person

- at a constant low rate that levels out at 16 years

Growth Rate: increase in an appropriate feature per unit time

Growth Rate = (size at T2 – size at T1) / (T2-T1)

Highest in the first year & decreases rapidly during the first 2 years

Females and males have similar height until 14 years when a growth spurt occurs: - this occurs later but is greater in males than in females

- male becomes taller than the female at 14 years

Growth stops by the age of 18 years

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