Top Revision Tips

Our guide to helping you maximise your revision time to get the best results for you.

Plan early

This may sound obvious but the earlier you put your plan together the less likely you are to miss anything off your list. Create your revision timetable here to help you do this.

Practice makes perfect

Nothing will prepare you for your exam better than completing past papers. It may not be the most exciting use of your time but it will pay off. Revision World has links to many past papers for you to try.

Find GCSE Past papers here

Find A-Level Past Papers here

Create a revision strategy

Plan your revision in a logical order for example revise maths before covering other numerical subjects such as physics or economics. Remember to balance your revision with your exam timetable.

Every subject is different

You don’t need to allocate equal amounts of time to each subject. Some subjects such as languages are more content driven so may need more time.

Focus on your strengths and weaknesses

Everybody is different, we all learn differently. Therefore it is important to create a revision plan that works for you (don’t just copy your mate’s plan). Focus on those subjects you find more difficult whilst remembering not to neglect the subjects you are good at. You never know what will come up in the exam paper so you must cover everything or at least as much as possible.

Stick to your plan

By sticking to your plan you will ensure all areas are covered. However don’t be too afraid to be flexible should the need arise.  It may take longer to revise one subject then you had planned for and you may be able to make up the time.

Colour code

Colour coding isn’t about making your work look pretty; it is a useful tool to help you remember important content. You can use the same colours on your notes as on your plan to help aid your memory further.

Turn it into a poster

Scale up you plan to A2/A3 if possible so you can add additional notes. You can also cross off all the days as they pass to help you stay focussed. You will also get a lot of satisfaction at the end of the exam period when you can rip it off the wall and chuck it in the recycle bin.

Good Luck.

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