Crisis Develops

Crisis develops 1912-14

  • Election of 1910 Liberals become dependent of Irish Nationals to remain in power
  • In return for curbing of Lords powers of veto and Home rule for Ireland
  • Passing of Parliament act 1911 meant lords could only delay bills not reject

Third Home Rule Bill 1912

  • Irish Parliament with elected house similar to House of Commons and a nominated upper house
  • 42 Irish MPs would still attend Westminster
  • Ulster was to be included in the Home Rule Parliament
  • This proposal left much control still with Westminster
  • John Redmond (Irish National Party leader) thought barely acceptable as starting point for future progress
  • Unionists thought entirely unacceptable
  • However, Irish Nationals did not force Liberals into Home rule
  • Many Liberals actually wanted Home Rule before election of 1910
  • Gladstone had been attempting for many years previous
  • Irish Home rule had not been forgotten but Social reform shad been more important at the time of the Liberal Government coming to office with the landslide victory in 1906
  • Also wary of Irish Home rule would provoke a constitutional crisis which may result in a loss of majority (which did happen)
  • It was the curbing of the Lords power rather than the Irish Nationals which brought about the pushing of the bill to becoming priority
  • Bill brought before Commons in April 1912
  • Met opposition from Conservatives and Unionists
  • Completed passage through commons in January 1913
  • Rejected by Lords
  • However, due to parliament act could only delay bill not fully reject, would be law in 1914
  • Delay gave Ulster Unionists time to organise real resistance in Ireland while bill being passed
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