What skills will I need?

For AS Mathematics, you will be tested by assessment objectives: these are the skills and abilities that you should have acquired by studying the course. The assessment objectives for AS Mathematics are shown below.

Candidates should be able to:

  • recall, select and use their knowledge of mathematical facts, concepts and techniques in a variety of contexts
  • construct rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs through use of precise statements, logical deduction and inference and by the manipulation of mathematical expressions, including the construction of extended arguments for handling substantial problems presented in unstructured form
  • recall, select and use their knowledge of standard mathematical models to represent situations in the real world; recognise and understand given representations involving standard models; present and interpret results from such models in terms of the original situation, including discussion of the assumptions made and refinement of such models
  • comprehend translations of common realistic contexts into Mathematics; use the results of calculations to make predictions, or comment on the context; and, where appropriate, read critically and comprehend longer mathematical arguments or examples of applications
  • use contemporary calculator technology and other permitted resources (such as formulae booklets or statistical tables) accurately and efficiently; understand when not to use such technology, and its limitations; give answers to appropriate accuracy.
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