Audience Engagement Theory


Audience Engagement theory

Audience Engagement theory was coined by Jeremy Tunstall who believed Audiences passively or actively consume media depending where they are and what they are doing, they fall into three categories; Primary, secondary and tertiary audience engagement.

Primary audience engagement

Primary audience engagement - The cinema requires the audience’s detailed attention to watch the films being screened.

Secondary audience engagement

Secondary audience engagement –The audience consume in the background perhaps while they are doing something else for example a radio programme that is being listened to while the listener is driving a car or a soap opera on in the background while the audience are on their tablets reading social media posts.

Tertiary audience engagement

Tertiary audience engagement –The audience is almost unaware they are consuming for example adverts in a magazine they are reading or on a billboard they walk past, another example might be radio on in the background while you are in shop.

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