Conflict Theory
Quick revise
  • Deviance interferes with the interests of people with economic power
  • Deviance-behavior that violates interests of people with power
    • Social order and norms are based on those who hold the most power
      • Violation results in deviance
      • Individuals without power are disadvantaged
    • Sport’s norms and rules represent those of power and ignore athletes
      • Athletes as victims that are forced to be deviant

Problems with Conflict Theory

All deviance is the result of biased norms and exploitive forces. Although the argument is made that drugs are used within sport because of the sponsorship pressures for performance. However, athletes without these sponsorships also partake in such dangerous behaviours. Therefore, the argument that the drugs are taken because of the profit-hungry sponsors does not hold up.

Deviance is somewhat justified

Deviance would not disappear if athletes were in charge

Deviance is grounded in other sources and factors within the sport culture, as well as those with profit-driven motives

Conflict theories propose a radical reconstruction of society

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