Controlling Deviant Overconformity
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  • Deep hypocrisy involved in elite power and performance sport
    • Use of painkillers, massive injections of B-12, artificial hydration, pure oxygen, etc are all allowed. Playing with pins in broken bones or with high-tech casts promote a performance-enhancing culture.
  • Establish rules indicating that certain risks are unnecessary in sport
    • Using keri strugg as a national hero when she vaulted with a broken bone is not necessary.
  • Establish rules stating that injured players should not be allowed to play
    • Physicians and trainers are paid to keep the players on the field.
  • Educational programs for young athletes “courage” as recognizing limits
    • Teach young athletes to be in tune with their bodies rather than to deny the body is important for controlling deviant overconformity.
  • Educational programs for all (coaches, athletes, parents, administrators, etc.)
    • Drug education and education for others to not promote over conforming behaviors.
  • Establish code of ethics for sport scientists
    • Create new norms with regard to technology, medicine, limits, performance-enhancing drugs, and so on.
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