Specialised Cells
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Root Hair Cell

Root hair cell in Plants: It is adapted to do its job of taking in water and nutrients by having:

  • - a large surface area
  • - a thin cell membrane

Sperm Cell

The Sperm cell is an example of a specialised animal cell:

Sperm Cell

See the video below on specialised animal cells

Red Blood Cells

Carries oxygen around the body

Red Blood Cell

Adaptations: No nucleus, large surface area, so maximum area for oxygen carriers: haemoglobin

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White Blood Cells

Fight disease, some make antibodies

White Blood Cell

Adaptations - Irregular shape, they can change shape to squeeze out of blood vessels and get to the site of infection. Others have cytoplasm which can flow making it possible for the cell to change shape, surround and engulf bacteria. Can increase in numbers to fight disease.

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Specialised plant cells

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Specialised Animal Cells

This video looks at specialised Animal cells

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