Health and Safety
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A risk assessment should be carried out to firstly identify and secondly help reduce the risk of hazards occurring.

Identifying and reducing risks

Health and safety need to be considered by the designer throughout the design process.

Health and Safety during the making of the product

The welfare of the individuals making the product must be considered. The designer must therefore consider the production process and the materials used.

Product safety when it is used

A designer needs to check that:

  • The product is strong and durable enough to support the loads used
  • The materials used have no adverse effects
  • All hazards are guarded sufficiently (moving parts, electrical insulation, folding components etc.)

Product disposal after use

A designer should consider the following points:

  • Can the materials and component parts be dismantled without causing harm?
  • Will toxic and harmful substances be released whilst dismantling the product?
  • Will the recycling process cause a release of toxic or harmful substances?

A designer must consider how the product could affect the safety of the user. If someone could be injured by using or disposing of the product, it should be redesigned.



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