Structure and Setting
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'Created by Anna Crabb, 2011'

The play follows a repeated structure with regards to the setting and who appears within each setting.

Act 1

  • Scene 1 (A street) Jan and Mark
  • Scene 2 (A Field) Phil and Leah
  • Scene 3 (A wood) Whole Group
  • Scene 4 (A Field) Phil and Leah


  • Scene 1 (A street) Jan and Mark
  • Scene 2 (A Field) Phil and Leah
  • Scene 3 (A Wood) Whole Group (minus John Tate)
  • Scene 4 (A Field) Phil and Leah

Act 3

  • Scene 1 (A street) Jan and Mark
  • Scene 2 (A Field) Phil and Leah
  • Scene 3 (A Wood) Whole Group (minus John Tate and Danny) Adam appears
  • Scene 4 (A Field) Phil and Leah

Act 4

  • Scene 1 (A street) Jan and Mark
  • Scene 2 (A field) Phil and Richard

The Street:

Jan and Marks scenes in The Street introduce the audience to what has been happening to the characters and then prepare us for the action that is to come in the group scenes (Scene 3 in each act).

The Field:

Leah and Phil’s scenes take place in a field.  This could have a ‘romantic’ notion as the field is open and spacious and away from the distraction of the other characters. 

These scenes also have a notable structure created through Leah’s monologues.  Her speeches seemingly discuss irrelevant topic that are completely unrelated to the situation the groups are in.  Deeper analysis will reveal that each speech could be metaphorical and applied to the group completely (the Bonobos and Chimps for example).  It could be read that these speeches are used as a way to remove her/ distract her from the reality and the horror of the situation she finds herself in.  Ultimately she is trying to get Phil’s attention.  When she can’t gain his attention through thoughtful words, she tries something more physical or shocking (strangling herself, showing her ‘Jerry’).  With no reaction from Phil, she then brings her monologue to a close by referring directly to the situation they are in (‘Adam’s parents were on TV…’) which may gain a reaction of some sort from Phil.                                                                                                                                                                   

The Wood:

The Wood is a suitable setting for the whole group scenes because of the connotations a wood has.  They tend to be on the outskirts of a settlement and could be described as dark, mysterious, isolated etc.  The discussions that the group have when they are in the woods are about things that should be kept hidden from normal society.  The setting actually allows the events to take place without anyone finding out.  

In the scenes where the wider group gather you should be carefully considering the physical dynamics of what is seen on stage – who stands where and what can this represent to the audience?  The group scenes – (Act 1 Scene 3) John Tate’s leadership threat, revelation of what has happened to Adam and Phil’s plan; (Act 2 Scene 3) they’ve got DNA evidence; (Act 3 Scene 3) Adam returns.


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