Preparing for the Exam
Quick revise

Planning your study
The final three months before taking your GCSE examination are very important in achieving your best grade. However, a good grade also depends on you following an organised approach throughout your course.

  • After completing a topic in school or college, go through the topic again in the Letts Revise GCSE English Study Guide. Copy out the main points again on a sheet of paper, or use a highlighter pen to emphasise them.
  • A couple of days later, try to write out these ideas and key points from memory. Check differences between what you wrote originally and what you wrote later.
  • If you have written your notes on a piece of paper, keep this for revision later.
  • Try some questions in the book and check your answers.
  • Decide whether you have fully mastered the topic and write down any weaknesses you think you have.

Preparing a revision programme
In the last three months before the final examination, go through the list of topics in your Examination Board’s specification to identify those topics you feel the need to concentrate on. It is tempting to spend valuable revision time on the areas you already know well, but balance this with time spent improving your knowledge of the topics about which you feel least confident.

When you feel confident about all the topics, spend time studying and trying past exam questions. Each time, check your answers with those given. In the final couple of weeks, go back and re-read your summary sheets, notes or previous answers (or your highlighting in your revision books).


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