Order v Savagery
Quick revise

Order can be shown by

  • The glasses (represent reason, seeing clearly)
  • The conch (calls the boys to order at the start, but looses its power as the novel progresses and is ignored before being completely destroyed)
  • Assembly
  • Fire (for rescue and cooking for survival)
  • Piggy represents common sense which links to order

Savagery is shown by

  • Jack’s group of followers are known as the Choir early in the novel, they soon become the hunters, but they are known as a tribe by the end, which is a savage term, showing their gradual decline into savagery.
  • The boys wear face paint and dress like savages
  • There is a gradual decline from the accidental death of a Littleun early in the novel to the hunting of a pig and the difficulty of killing it, to the frenzied accident of Simon’s death and then the final savage murder of Piggy.
  • Ralph is about to be the latest and most horrifying victim of the murderous pack when they are rescued.
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