Case Study: Appropriate Technology

UPESI STOVE – An example of appropriate technology

  • Kenya is a country in East Africa with 29.4 million inhabitants and an area of 580.4 thousand square miles
  •  Just 3% of people living in Kenya have access to the national electricity grid
  • Without electricity, most of the population cooks using a three-stone fire that burns wood
  • Kenyan women can spend up to 5 hours a day collecting wood for their fire
  • The Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP) has introduced the UPESI or ‘quick’ stove in Kenya
  •  It is an example of appropriate technology (suitable, effective and small scale)
  • Local women make the stove from clay earning money and becoming more independent
  • Use of firewood is cut by 50% reducing pollution
  • The resources needed are available locally
  • The extra time available to women means they can spend more time with their children, become educated or earn extra money for their family by working
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