Case Study: Farmers’ vs. Doctors?

Do you believe farmers are more important than Doctors? Well, If you do not believe you should. Farmers plant trees and grow fruits whilst Doctors work in hospital to save lives. Nonetheless they are both doing the same job.

Firstly, It is believable to say that there are farmers everywhere in the world and there are also Doctors everywhere in the world but why should they both be compared and what do they have in common?

Farmers as we all know grow trees and plant and these trees take in Carbon dioxide (CO2) which reduces the carbon foot prints for us humans in the world. Carbon dioxide is produce by cars and it's agreeable to say that there are millions of cars in this world, meaning there are a lot of CO2 being produced daily, monthly year which is endangering our lives more and more.

If you look at farmers from another perspective, they are saving us, the environments and our surroundings; they are playing a role to protect us and by these farmers are growing crops as well for us to eat and grow. So it is right to say that farmers and kind of doctors because a life without trees in the world would be a 'poisonous life' for us and our next generations to come.

Doctors on the other hands we need them in our lives to make sure we are healthy and to treat us when we are not healthy. Without doctors a lot of people will be dead and there will not be 7.6 billion people in the world but about half that amount. Without doctors there will be more tears in the world (more people will be crying and morning due to their relative dying), there will be more fighting(people will be going through extreme length and measures to get drugs to heal themselves and others around them) which could involve killing, bombing and so on. So to conclude Doctors are essential to our life and that is an unchangeable fact. Period!

Finally, With all due respect to doctors, Farmers are playing a stronger roll although it does not seem so when compared to doctors. The trees farmers’ plant helps the whole world and everyone benefits from it and when farmers do harvest, we all benefit from the food which helps us nourish our bodies. Doctors do help our lives so we should be grateful to them but they are not available all the time (24/7). On the other hand cars will always be used around the world and new & faster cars which will be produced (more Carbon dioxide) and the trees will always be there to 'soak' in and absorb the C02 which helps us, daily monthly, yearly. It's also important for us (humans) to remember that when trees are burnt they are used as 'fuels' because we are running out of fossil fuels and this helps to keep our generations going.

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Very interesting. Farmers and doctors are both important to our lives. Farmers markets are essential for a lot of reasons. Primarily, they're important since they're your critical portion inside reconstructing neighbourhood food economic climates. By giving a new cost-effective, list revenue chance of local meals makers, farmers markets help to make harvesting profitable. By causing grinding rewarding, we all sustain farmland and also  farmers and have encouraged a brand new age group in order to take-up producing. A health care provider can mean the gap between existence and dying. Individuals who suffer crucial incidents have to have a doctor to attend to these people speedily because slowing down treatment may well simply indicate death. Doctors are responsible for increased endurance along with enhanced well-being within culture. Individuals who survive ailments for example cancer normally are obligated to repay his or her survival to medical doctors, whoever expertise and also devotion are necessary for remedy. Contemporary health care engineering as well as doctors’ proper care will give people informed they have airport terminal illnesses hope of living more time.

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