Mass Tourism
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Mass Tourism - Tourism involving large numbers of tourists

Case Study: Costa De Sol, Spain


  • A Mediterranean Climate
  • Long Sandy Beaches
  • English Speaking Resort

Positive Impacts:


  • The Conservation of Natural areas


  • Provides Jobs for Local people at hotels and other services
  • Boosts the Economy of the area


  • Locals can afford to have a better lifestyle (More Services)

Negative Impacts and Solutions:


  • The Area is littered and natural beauty begins to fade.
  • Damages Habitats and causes Wildlife to flee

Solution: Nature Reserves are built and Locals attempt to pick up rubbish on beaches


  • Great demand of water for hotels and golf courses causes Inflation.
  • Jobs are Seasonal and dependant on the weather

Solution:  More people quit jobs at tourist spots and worked the land or supplied the area with fish.


  • Overcrowding on beaches and on roads
  • Some of services are not suitable for locals like beach shops e.c.t.
  • Tourists begin to push tourists out.

Solution: High Rise hotels are built to accommodate more people and Separate services for Local People are Supplied.


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