Tourism and its Growth
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Tourism - a stay away from home for over 24 hours for a recreational activity

Reasons why Tourism is Important

  • Provides jobs for local people
  • Increases income of other businesses that supply tourist industry
  • In MEDC’s and LEDC’s although more important for LEDC’s - some countries it is main countries it is main contributor to GDP

UK Tourism

  • Earns over £80 billion per year
  • Popular because countryside, historic landmarks, churches, cathedrals, castles, and palaces
  • Employs over 1 million people

Factors that influence no. of tourists

  • Weather – bad weather discourages tourists
  • World economy – if it is worse off, fewer overseas visitors more UK citizens
  • Exchange rate – if pound is low- UK cheaper to visit so more overseas visitors
  • Terrorism – people less willing to visit
  • Major events – Olympics = more visitors

Reasons for growth / increase in Tourism:

  • Better/Quicker Air Travel- Making Previously Remote areas accessible.
  • More Paid Holidays- People tend to take many small holidays rather than one big one.
  • Increase in amount of Disposable income- People can afford to treat them.
  • Awareness of attractions- People are becoming more aware of travel from travel shows and advertising.
  • 2 working parents
  • Smaller families
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Cheaper/ Easier Travel
  • Internet booking/advertising
  • More unusual tourist destinations and attractions/destinations

Main Types Of Tourism:

  • Cultural Tourism- Sightseeing, Exploring different Ethnic groups.
  • Business Tourism- as air travel develops more people travel to offices and factories around the world.
  • Geographical Tourism- Visiting great Geographical Spots e.g. Yellow Stone National Park, USA
  • Visiting Family and Friends
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