This section looks at 3 types of rainfall

  • Convectional rainfall
  • Frontal Rainfall
  • Relief Rainfall (Orographic)

Convectional rainfall - Costa Rica

This video looks at Costa Rica which experiences hot weather. This heat brings heavy convectional rainfall. When the ground gets heated by the sun, the air above it gets hot and rises. The warm, moist, rising air cools and condensation occurs. As water droplets become larger, they fall as heavy rain. Convectional rainfall is also experienced in Europe during the summer.

This video looks at the UK experience of depressions as it lies on the boundary between cool air from the Arctic and warm air from the tropics. Depressions form when warm air forces its way into the cold air. Fronts mark the boundary between the warm and cold air and rainfall is always found here. The UK experiences around 100 depressions every year, each bringing two bands of rain.


Relief Rainfall (Orographic Rainfall)

This short video shows relief rainfall rainfall on New Zealand's South Island


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