Landforms of Glacial Deposition

There are three types of glacial deposition

  • Moraines
  • Drumlins (boulder clay or till)
  • Erratics


This is the name given to fragments of rock transported by the glacier and deposited when it melts

  • Terminal Moraine:is deposited by the glacier at the snout as it retreats
  • Medial Moraine: is material carried in the middle of the glacier
  • Lateral Moraine: is the material that has fallen onto the side of a glacier and carried along by it.


  • These are large boulders or rocks which have been carried by a glacier and deposited in area where it does not belong
  • For example it would mean a large boulder of limestone being deposited in an area where the bedrock is made of granite!


  • These are made up of a mixture of angular rock fragments and clay (formed by the pressure of ice grinding down the rock over time)
  • When the glacier is moving it deposits this clay and rock mixture from the underneath of the glacier.
  • As the glacier moves over the boulder clay it shapes them into an egg shape with a high rounded back and narrow tail.
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