Recruitment & Conscription
Quick revise


  • Women’s organisations tried to boost recruitment
  • White feathers were given to men as a sign of their “cowardice” 
white feather - cowardice
  • The Mother’s Union urged its members to get their sons to join up
  • Initial recruitment used posters, leaflets, etc. to build an army quickly
    • What is the message of these posters?
    • How would these poster encourage men to join the army?
    enlist now - world war one



  • Voluntary recruitment was decreasing, but the demand for troops was increasing
  • Voluntary recruitment didn’t share the burden between all parts of society
  • Conscription introduced in 1916
  • All men aged 18-40 had to register
  • They could be called up to fight at any time
  • Conscientious objectors opposed the war for political or religious reasons
  • They refused to fight, and were imprisoned – or executed – for doing so
  • Others helped the war effort, but not through military action
    • Field hospitals
    • Stretched bearers

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